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Computer Aided Verification Page

High Density Data Cloud

The CSS & WLS systems produce surface position data on both internal and external part geometry. The depth of cut can provide data in layers within .001" of each other and 200 to 600 dpi in the scan plane. This high-density scan, containing between thousands and millions of points, provides the capability of comparing virtually 100% of the measured part to the nominal CAD model.

Our surfacing software reads in the virtual part from a 3D surface or solid model (IGES surface models) and the physical part as a high-density point cloud. CAD systems are unable to manage the huge volume of points required for a complete part inspection. Gaspardo & Associate's technicians can manipulate, section, and sample very large point clouds quickly on conventional computer hardware.

Virtual to Physical Registration

Gaspardo & Associate's technicians can generate geometric dimension and tolerance (GD&T) type datums on the CAD part and from the point cloud’s features. Example datum features that can be generated are planes, cylinders, and spheres. After generating the datums, the virtual nominal CAD model is aligned with the same datums on the part’s point cloud.

In some cases there may not be datums in the part’s design or the inspection may require a best-fit analysis. In these cases we best fit the cloud to the model with the minimum overall error. Many companies try to perform this work with conventional CAD systems or custom-built programs. Gaspardo & Associates can save hundreds of hours of labor and throughput time, as compared with conventional methods.

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